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Dubbed the City of Lights or Kashi, Varanasi is a holy town situated on the west bank of the River Ganga. Call it the land of Shiva or simply a historic city that has several mysteries concealed deep within; this holy city has a spiritual legacy that dates back to more than 3000 years. Varanasi has stayed an important pilgrimage centre in India and for those visiting from outside the country it reflects authentic India. Today, Varanasi is a busy hub, where all winding roads look similar, ghats are always crowded and the fragrance of incense and the smell of burnt firewood dissolve in the air. The aartis and the floating of earthern lamps over the water of Ganga in the evening is also an important element of the identity of Varanasi. Apart from this, the sacred city is also the reflection of different architecture, from the Kings of Bengal to the Maharajas of Rajasthan; all have contributed in making Varanasi an epitome of rich Indian culture and faith.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Varanasi airport is well connected with all the major cities of the country. One does not need to worry how to reach Varanasi by air as it has very good connectivity. Get easy flights from Delhi to Varanasi,Flights from Mumbai to Varanasi and other cities.

By Train

The city is well connected by rail and hence it solves the issue of how to reach Varanasi. The city mainly has two major railway stations that connect it to all the major cities and towns of the country. Varanasi railway station and Kashi railway station, these two are the main rail heads which make it possible for all to reach the city with ease.

By Road

The Uttar Pradesh State Buses as well as the private bus services makes it possible for all to access the city with ease and at a reasonable cost. It solves the query of many who are worried about how to reach Varanasi by road. There are frequent buses from Varanasi to the Allahabad(120 km), Gorakhpur (165 km), Patna (215 km), Lucknow (270 km) and Ranchi (325 km) from Varanasi.