Varanasi Soft Stone Jali Work

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Name of Gi Registered Product : Varanasi Soft StoneJali Work
Name of State : Uttar Pradesh
Certificate Date :28/03/2018
Applicant Name &Address :Banaras Handicraft Development Society C.2/111K, Opposite tc Junior High School, Sahityanaka, Ramnagar, Varanasi – 221008 Uttar Pradesh, India Facilitated by : Banaras Handicraft Development Industrial Cooperative Society Limited and Human Welfare Association

Jali or fretwork is intricately carved on soft stone and its process requires supreme mastery of masonry and design making. The Varanasi soft stone jali work epitomizes both high skill and : superior quality of craftsmanship. Delicately chiseled and decorated with inlay work these elaborately carved jalis demand time in their making along with the skill and creativity of the masters. In Varanasi the jali craft work can be seen on forts, zamindari homes, places of worship and ancient monuments all of which are a testimony tr its antiquity. Statues of religious significance are also made using this technique. To further enhance the beauty of these sculptures they would be embedded with semi-precious stones and shell- work. Today small items of utility and decor are also produced such as table tops, boxes, coasters, trays,etc. Given their small size and the intricate work of jali making the Varanasi soft stone craft remainsskill of the masters.


List Of Craftman
Sl. No. Craftman Name Address Contact No.
1 Shiv Pujan Jaisawal Sankul Dhara Khojwa Varanasi 9399149029
2 Kamlesh Kumar Ramnagar Varanasi 8887595015
3 Anil Kumar Maurya Luxa Varanasi 9450528867
4 Sukhdev Rajak Ramnagar Varanasi 9335657710
5 Kushal Kumar Sudamapur Varanasi 9936440366
6 Pappu Baghel Ramnagar Varanasi 8090606849
7 Ashok Kumar Singh Ramnagar Varanasi 8299262134
8 Abhay Narayan Verma Ramnagar Varanasi 8318563002
9 Bachcha Lal Maurya Ramnagar Varanasi 9415869380
10 Rajesh Kumar Yadav Ramnagar Varanasi 6394331053

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