Ghazipur Wall Hanging

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Name of GI Registered Product : Ghazipur Wall- Hanging
Name of State : Uttar Pradesh
Certificate Date :28/03/2018
Applicant Name &Address : Nisha Craft Vikas Samiti Rasulpur, Kolwar, Dhuvarjun, Saidpur- 233001 Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Felicitated by: Human Welfare Association S.15/116, 2-AC, Mawaiya, Saranath, Varanasi 221007 Uttar Pradesh, India


Ghazipur wall hangings are interior decor items that are handcrafted in the small city of Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh. These traditional handloom products are woven by skilled craftspeople using: blend of different colors. They combine different yarns including jute and cotton tc ensure not only strength but also an unusual unique texture. The use of differing textures also forms: part of the presentation of the patterning and design. These Ghazipur wall decorative hangings are woven on the handloom and their intricate patterning, colors and designs have wide appeal. A large range of designs bears testimony to the skill of the weavers from representation of figures of Hindu gods and goddesses to intricate and detailed landscape arts with patterns of houses, lawns, forests, interiors, birds and animals.


List Of Craftman
Sl. No. Craftman Name Address Contact No.
1 Kaiser Jahan Ahamad Paharpur Kala Gazipur 9415364340
2 Mohammad Jane Alam Paharpur Kala Gazipur 8382064693
3 Mohammad Babar Ali Paharpur Kala Gazipur 8765546324
4 Mohammad Jamil Ansari Paharpur Kala Gazipur 9956008338
5 Mohammad Ismail Ansari Paharpur Kala Gazipur 9451561110

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