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Name of GI Registered Product : Banaras Metal Repousse Craft
Name of State : Uttar Pradesh
Certificate Date :31/05/2016
Applicant Name &Address : The Banaras Metal Craft Development Society CK.62/37, Kashipura, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Felicitated by: Human Welfare Association, Varanasi


A prominent woven carpet is the hand-knotted carpet. This type of carpet is manufactured on a vertical wooden loom. Thick cotton and woollen yarns are used in the warp ends while wool is used in the width direction. These looms are equipped with a double layer of warp ends separator rods and platforms. Designs depicting flowers, animals, gardens, trees and trellises are used in various hues and ways to liven up these floor coverings. The production process commences with the selection of wollen yarns which are generally bought from domestic and international circuits. The wool used in carpets varies according to the quality, design and style and so do the colours. Usually the best grade of Indian wool is used for medium quality carpets.


List Of Craftman
Sl. No. Craftman Name Address Contact No.
1 Anil Kumar Kasera Kashipura Varanasi 9450015863
2 Sanjay Kumar Dubey Kashipura Varanasi 9140964403
3 Jagannath Kashipura Varanasi 9918706256
4 Arjun Prasad Kashipura Varanasi 9389446284
5 Vivek Kumar Kashipura Varanasi 7355035994

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