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Wooden Lacquerware & Toys

Name of GI Registered Product : Varanasi Wooden Lacquerware and Toys
Name of State : Uttar Pradesh
Certificate Date : 30/03/2015
Applicant Name & Address : 1. Balaji Handicrafts Cooperative Society Limited, 6.24/97, Kashmiriganj, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh – 221010, India 2. Khilauna Udyog Sahkari Samiti Limited, 6.24/100, Kashmiriganj, Bhelupur, Varanasi – 221005 Uttar Pradesh, India


Varanasi and Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh are famous for their wooden lacquer ware and wooden toys.Designs are created with the natural veins of the wood. These toys are made without any joints, and are attractive and safe playthings for children. The craftsmen here claim to belong to the Kunder Kharadi Samaj.Thiscraft plays a pivotal role in the lives of the artisans, since when a child is born a new lathe is added to the family possessions. In fact, when a marriage is being fixed the boy’s family makes sure that the bride-to-be is familiar with the lathe. Varanasi in Uttar Pradeshwas once the largest toy producing centre in India. It is an ancient craft, where the toys are made from wood. Sets of birds, animals, musicians and dance ensembles are also available packed in boxes.


List Of Craftman
Sl. No. Craftman Name Address Contact No.
1 Rameshwer Singh Khojawa Varanasi 9415223770
2 Gopeshwer Singh Khojawa Varanasi 8838663310
3 Godawari Singh Khojawa Varanasi 9935343998
4 Raj Singh Khojawa Varanasi 9889356611
5 Rajkumar Singh Khojawa Varanasi 8317077944
6 Dharmraj Singh Khojawa Varanasi 7905431025
7 Krishna Kumar Singh Khojawa Varanasi 9415373608
8 Ramchandra Singh Khojawa Varanasi 9839164693
9 Munnilal Khojawa Varanasi 9235858337
10 Rajesh Kumar Khojawa Varanasi 9838020789

A Compendium of Geographical Indications (GI) II Handicrafts of India 1165

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