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Name of GI Registered Product : Mirzapur Handmade Dari
Name of State : Uttar Pradesh
Certificate Date :30/03/2015
Applicant Name &Address :
Pooja Handloom Silk Utpadan Sahkari Samiti Limited Thathara, Block-Sewapuri, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Facilitated by: Human Welfare Association


The Mirzapur Handmade Durrie is one among a multitude of styles of floor coverings. They are defined essentially by the use of the “Panja” for weaving, and are also known for their fairly bold colours and patterns. Mirzapur Handmade Durries are woven in a weft faced plain weave on simple horizontal looms. Wollen yarns are mostly used; this gives them a sturdy and flat appearance. The mix of traditional and contemporary designs is evidence of a high degree of workmanship. The uniqueness of Mirzapur Handmade Durrie lies in the fact that the whole process is entirely manual, starting from designing and weaving to finishing.


List Of Craftman
Sl. No. Craftman Name Address Contact No.
1 Istekhar Ahamad Bagh Kunjal Geer Mirzapur 8840660090
2 Raju Bagh Kunjal Geer Mirzapur 7905566438
3 Rustam Sohrab Hayatnagar Dev Purva Mirzapur 9810890227
4 shafiq Ahamad Badi Basai Mirzapur 9953485343
5 Parwez Ansari Sahiba Nagar Natva Road Mirzapur 9839791242

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