• Morning Prayers
  • Sehnai recital
  • Morning Raga / Light Music
  • Yoga Meditation and Spirituality
  • The significance of the day - Daily Details
  • Interpretation of the traditional format, significance and meaning of Gala/celebration
  • Fooding

Subah-e-Banaras (Morning of Varanasi)

  • A mystic blend of nature’s grandeur and human existence. Rising Sun- Golden Ganges and illuminated Ghats inspire man to enchant, sing and conjure (Yoga).
    • Come and feel the spiritual fragrance of human existence.
    • Daily at Assi Ghat, Varanasi, Before Sunrise.
  • A morning of Varanasi full of life, light and spiritual essence perpetuating the eternal beauty of nature along with vedic enchanting, music and yoga.
  • Come live with joy- forever- start the day with new hopes, aspirations and internal strength with vedic enchanting of Richas, enthralling Golden Ganges, Ghats and vibrant soulful Indian music.


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